About Don Bosco College


The Bombay Salesian Society opened a new college as Don Bosco Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology in 2008 in its sprawling campus located at a prominent location at Kurla West, Mumbai and got permission from the University of Mumbai to start a degree course in Hospitality Studies in the Faculty of science from the academic year 2008-09. The College spread its wings in the Don Bosco Centre for Learning (DBCL ) campus in the academic year 2010-11 by increasing its intake capacity in B.Sc. (Hospitality studies) from 60 to 120 and also obtained affiliation from the University of Mumbai for teaching the courses of study leading to two more degrees in the Faculties of Arts and Commerce viz… Bachelor of Mass Media and Bachelor of Management Studies. The Society decided to change the name of the institute in 2011-12 as Don Bosco College in order to suit appropriately to the courses offered in multi Faculties.


The Salesians of Don Bosco have a single mission : to be “signs and bearers of God’s love for the young.” They have more than two thousand institutions located across the world in around 130 countries. It is in the spirit of the Mission of the Salesians that Don Bosco College strives to make students to discover their ‘Purpose in Life’. Each of the student’s life has a far grander and more significant purpose than perhaps we might ever have considered.


This discovery process involves the students understanding their talents and deciding in which career these talents could be best put to use. Don Bosco College presents the students with ample opportunities in facilitating this process. The happiness project of Don Bosco for youth is a unique contribution to the science of holistic education and is compatible to all youngsters irrespective of the religion they belong to. The students are encouraged here to find a career and create a life which they can be proud of.


In order to support students to acquire academic progression and to ensure and sustain quality education, the College, along with the three Under Graduate courses viz… B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies, Bachelor of Management Studies and Bachelor of Mass Media , also offers subject related add-on courses as well as value-added courses imparting transferable and life skills to all its students. It meticulously follows syllabi for the three courses as prescribed by the affiliating University. The academic content of class room teaching are of high quality, vibrant and strong. The Choice Based Credit System of Mumbai University enables our teachers to introduce innovative form of assessment to students and thereby bring out their innate abilities. Digital support is offered through Learning Management System on Moodle platform. .The modernized infrastructure facilities in the campus coupled with better knowledge resources for academic support enables the teachers to teach at their best and students to learn at their utmost. The College has different Committees/Cells to maintain all types of discipline and statutory compliances in the campus. The College has one unit of N.S.S. under which a number of social outreach activities are conducted every year. The placement cell assists our students in getting placed at several prominent organisations.


In all, at DBC, students are guided to become constructive, practical, learn to communicate better and to gain comprehensive character. The values, attitudes and skills embedded in students at our College –honesty, work ethics, mutual respect to one another, openness to differences, dedication to truth, justice, equality and peace – are in essence, ingrained in the Don Bosco’s Way of educating for a happy life.