An Introduction to Feedback System at Don Bosco College


1. Feedback on Teaching Learning Evaluation Process :

Feedback mechanism has been initiated at Don Bosco College right from its initial days and gives useful information on students’ experiences in the classroom. It is aimed to provide the faculty members with valuable inputs from the students on all teaching constructs that are highly related to student learning and satisfaction level in the teaching learning and evaluation process for annual Program review. The system enables the college administration to streamline processes and to initiate timely action for midterm corrections if required. Responses are obtained from all students by the end of every semester in the Learning Management System named as ‘Colmation’ in the intranet of the DBCL campus. . The responses also form the base for performance appraisal of the faculty towards the end of the academic year for merit, promotions, increments and tenure processes. From the academic year 2018-19, the Students Feedback Survey is administered online through Google forms for all level of students (FY / SY /TY) for credit bearing courses (both theory and practical) of all three degree Programmes offered at Don Bosco College. The online Student’s Feedback instrument is designed by Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college considering the varied instructional styles and courses taught in different Programmes. A direct link to the survey is provided to the students and the response is obtained on a simple 5 point rating scale.


2. Feedback from stakeholders:

B.M.S. Department obtains online feedback from Alumni every year since 2016-17. The input extends much wider aspects regarding campus life during their three year tenure at Don Bosco Campus. And in academic year 2018-19, feedback on curriculum content of relevant courses has been obtained from all stakeholders including students, teachers, Alumni, Employer and Parents. Approx. 200 respondents gave valid suggestions which have been forwarded to Chairpersons of respective Board of Studies in the University of Mumbai for consideration while reframing the syllabi.


3. Feedback from peer group on curriculum design and syllabi contents :

As the B.M.M. Board of Studies in the University of Mumbai initiated the process of revamping the courseware as per CBCS system in academic year 2018-19, The College B.M.M. Department obtained feedback on curriculum from all stakeholders including course coordinators in other colleges, parents, alumni in addition to BMM student community from various affiliated colleges on the course design at the start of second term of Ac. Year 2018-19 through online system in the Google. A meeting of all members of Board of Studies in Mass Media, University of Mumbai along with invited experts was convened at Don Bosco College and the responses have been placed before the Board members to initiate appropriate steps to revise the course structure scheduled to be implemented by the University of Mumbai from the academic year 2019-20. Various changes/suggestions given by the stakeholders for redesigning the course structure and curriculum of B.M.M. degree course given to the BOS of the University of Mumbai paved the way to revise the course design and curriculum of the course for all the affiliated colleges of Mumbai University.