Vision Statement

“To develop holistic and responsible citizens who have a love for continuous learning and are able to effectively discern their calling and career.”

Mission Statement

  • To implement facilitating structures that create a professional yet supportive environment for collaborative and team learning.
  • To enable the holistic growth of students
  • To make students sensitive to the social and environmental issues and deprived segments so that they realize not only their rights but also responsibilities as citizens.
  • To empower students with proper discernment and opportunities to choose their calling and career appropriately.
  • To facilitate the development of relevant competencies in alignment with the needs of society and organizations.
  • To implement effectively in letter and spirit The Preventive System ( Don Bosco’s Way)


  • To impart quality education in emerging areas of knowledge having social relevance.
  • Provide learning experiences and develop functional competencies which bridge the academia-industry divide.
  • To encourage continuous innovation of educational delivery by introducing Learner-centric Teaching-learning process
  • To foster an environment that will create professionals, team leaders and/or self-driven entrepreneurs
  • To reach out to the community by generating consciousness about health, social and environmental issues.

Core Value Framework

Don Bosco college translates its vision into its activities through the core values the Salesian society upholds The Don Bosco Institution stands on the pillars of the following core values.

  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Being fair & just

Each of these values are explicitly reflected in the routine functioning of the Institution.

  • The quest for excellence is embedded in all spheres of activity by supporting the growth of all constituencies on the campus viz. faculty, administrative staff & students ;
  • The respect for other individuals upheld by everyone irrespective of age, sex caste or creed;
  • Honesty & Integrity is the basic trait any individual associated with the institution to uphold and is identified as an essential requirement in every activity ; 
  • Accountability is a mark of commitment to any work undertaken ;
  • Being fair & just is entwined in being sympathetic as well as in demonstrating empathy to those in need.

Quality Policy

The primary aim of Don Bosco College is to emerge as an accredited premier institution with a brand image imparting Quality Education relevant to the needs of the society and catering to holistic development of students through meaningful interventions, personal and career counselling. We strive to uphold the tradition of Don Bosco by creating an enabling environment and by building relevant competencies (on soft skills, training and language competencies) that address individual and community needs.