Don Bosco’s Way

Saint Don Bosco believed in a holistic education, which helped in intellectual, social, physical and spiritual growth of a child. The focus of education endeavour of the Salesian Society which manages our college is on an education system which is based upon the preventive system of Don Bosco. Bosco’s Way’ is a student cantered approach to education for self-actualization and social participation. The educative system at Don Bosco institutions grew out of a long experience since 1870– a daily contact with thousands of students. Practiced in 2500 Don Bosco institutions across the globe for more than a century, it has stood well the test of time. The positive realism of Don Bosco system is built on the concept of need based holistic education. The uniqueness of Don Bosco’s method is to generate expressive youngsters who cultivate happiness wherever they go. Students are treated with kindness and respect in a happy, vigorous and enquiring educational environment; a context where all are treated as equals, where all are encouraged to speak up and speak out to one another and to their teachers. The student is invited to become the active subject and enthusiastic learner.

Don Bosco chose Preventive System of education (contrary to repressive techniques of controls and punishments) – preventive aspects being protection from any physical or moral harm through education, and preventing young people from bad influences. He propagated love as an indispensable solution to the problems of youth. The system is more student centric with the educator lending constant and loving assistance, advice, guidance encouragement and support. It is a parental approach that safeguards the young with kindness availability and creation of family atmosphere. The modern extension to preventive method is found in expressive method which complements and completes preventive education. The harmonious blend of preventive and expressive methods of education distinguishes Don Bosco’s approach. Three attributes are embedded in Don Bosco Way as essential components of holistic growth

  1. Rapport (loving kindness)
  2. Reason and
  3. Religion (integrity). Wide varieties of opportunities through experiential learning, talent nurturing, skill development, training for livelihoods

All these are embedded in Don Bosco’s Way. To name a few…

  • Rich learning occasions through field visits, outdoor excursions, hikes, and picnics for personal and group expressions
  • Experiential lessons through games and sports for discipline and peer collaborations
  • Practical exposure through live projects, screening of videos, movies, demonstration lectures, bakery classes, fruit and vegetable carving training etc.
  • Capacity building facilitated through sessions on communication skills. In essence, a student of Don Bosco College will experience fun filled experiential learning towards holistic growth during his college days.