NSS is a one of its kind initiative taken jointly by the colleges across the country. It’s moto is “Not Me But You” which ensures that college students participate in the well being and social welfare of the community and it also aims at enhancing their personalities. Through NSS, students are encouraged to partake in activities that will shape them into more caring, informed and well-groomed individuals.

Objectives of NSS

NSS unit of Don Bosco College, Kurla started in 2017 with the strength of 50 student volunteers. The primary objective of our NSS unit is to arouse social consciousness and provide the students with an opportunity to work with the community. The activities of the unit are coordinated and monitored by a college level committee. However, the volunteers are given freedom to choose, decide and implement some special programmes, with a view to develop the leadership qualities. The volunteers are required to put in at least 120 hours of Social work in an academic year in various projects. Our NSS unit has conducted many social programs like clean up drives, yoga week, street plays, road safety, rallies, blood donation camps, awareness programmes, Diwali mela with special kids, Christmas Mela with AIDS affected families, literary competitions, among many other activities.

Our purpose is to introduce students to the concept of community service while they are studying in the college so that they learn to be responsible citizens and learn to share with those less privileged. It is felt that their interaction with the common villagers is a good opportunity to make them experience the hardships of rural life. So we also organise Residential camps as our primarily responsibility is to contribute to the welfare of the village. Our volunteers conduct activities like surveys, planting trees, ground water conservation, promote general cleanliness and personal hygiene among children and women and contribute in Education and Health areas by organizing Health Camps and teaching them English, use of computer , mathematics, general knowledge & conservation of environment,etc during the camp.