Student Council

The Don Bosco College Student Council is formed every year as a platform of expression as per the University norms under the provisions of section 99 of Maharashtra Public University Act 2016. A Student Council is essentially an extracurricular recreation affair; a platform for students to engage in curricular or extracurricular activities show casing their creativity , expertise & artistic skills in dance, music, acting ,directing , scripting plays /dramatics etc and sports -activities for body and mind. Its activities can be filled with both fun as well as responsibility loaded events. These councils quite often serve as learning tool to understand democracy and leadership. Many of the students who become members of Student Council learn skills which is an extension of their formal education.

Don Bosco College believes in imparting skills and giving a holistic education to the young. Students here are groomed and moulded to become responsible happy citizens. Keeping this in mind, Don Bosco College Student Council has been motivated and monitored to emerge as model leaders in helping the students to express ideas, interests and share their thoughts with the teachers, college authorities and management in proper perspective. Three day residential Leadership camp at Karjat campus arranged by the Campus administrator for student council members of all Don Bosco Institutions at DBCL at the beginning of academic year fine tune their headship skills and mould them to emerge as effective leaders.

Functions of Student Council at DBCL are as follows:-

  • To serve as a platform to train students for leadership, initiative and responsibility.
  • To organize, supervise and co-ordinate the student activities of Don Bosco College with the Principal, Management, Heads of various Departments and DBCL campus authorities.
  • To form a student body as decided in the meeting of the respective students’ Council as per the requirement of the respective activities and as approved by the Principal, Management and DBCL authorities.
  • To submit an annual report of its work together with a statement of its accounts to the Principal and College  authorities on or before the date to be fixed for the same from time to time
  • To make recommendations to the Principal, Management and appropriate authorities/officials in respect of any matter affecting the corporate life of the welfare of the students.
  • To make recommendations to the appropriate authorities/officials for setting the genuine grievance of the students

DBC Student Council organizes several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year for all the students to participate based on their interest. To cite a few …

  • Celebration of important days of national integration – Teachers’ day, Gandhi Jayanti , Independence Day, Republic day, Marathi Bhasha Divas etc.
  • During current academic year 2018-19, Student Council organised the Teachers day programme by singing songs and creating activities for teachers to participate. For e.g., our Student Council celebrated 149th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi with all respect and fervour by participating and listening to Gandhiji’s values and reciting the hymns along with the NSS students. Also the Council arranged the screening of movie on Mahatma Gandhi which was well received.
  • ‘Hysteria’ is our DBCL Campus Festival where Student Council of DBC actively supported and participated in organising and coordinating the activities for almost 20 days. During ‘Hysteria’ days,  we have all the sports competitions and cultural competitions where the students’ council play a major role by heading the events in different areas.
  • Rose Day, Traditional Day etc and Diwali and other festivals are celebrated with all fun and joy.
  • Every year, Christmas is celebrated with a 7 day theme and various competitions like Bottle painting, Christmas Tree Decoration, Class room decoration competition etc used to be  arranged.
  • Respective department members in the Student Council play a vital role in helping the faculty to organise Visits to Industries.

The Outcome of the Council’s activities is very much revealing. Definitely the Council has a great impact on the personality of its members.  Enhanced sense of responsibility ,achievement , recognition, communication skill &  managerial skills and above all a realisation that responsibility and freedom go together are some of the impact instilled in the character of students. If you don’t want to take responsibility, you can’t have freedom either. The two come together or they go together.